Em organised 92.9fm Pap smear express bus

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Our Bodies Ourselves Health Heroes Award Nomination

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I have been nominated for a Health Heroes Award from the Our Boides Ourselves, a program of the Boston Women’s Collective.

It is very important to me that I gain high exposure through this nomination to help me to get the International Gynae Awareness Day up and running worldwide.

I would really appreciate your support. Please can you register your vote and comment for me at Our Bodies – Ourselves Boston USA http://www.ourbodiesourblog.org/blog/2009/04/women-can-kath-mazzella To vote/comment: click yellow stars under my OBOS blog nomination.

As you know I have lobbied for 15 years now to raise the profile of Gyn/Sexual Health. I see this as an extension of what I have already achieved and an opportunity for me to raise the profile of the International Gyn Awareness Day. Millions of global women have Gyn issues – your vote could help give an International voice assist to help save women’s lives or life time complications.

It would be much appreciated if you could send/encourage your networks to also vote. Good health to you.

If you visit the Health Heroes page, you will see a long list of very inspirational women. It’s well worth your time to read their inspirational stories.


GAIN’s Vulval Aware Day & Vagina Monologue update

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Vagina Monologues - Performing the Flood - University WA

Things are progressing at a rate of knots. Not as much rejection these days. Thank God for that.

Here’s a photo from Vulval Awareness Day. Em from 92.9 radio was blown away with the info she received from Doctors and womens stories-so much so she went on – orgnaised a radio show pap smear express bus – women spoke of how they felt about pap smears, how they put off doing this, ie. fear etc, Em blew all the embarrassment and shame and fear out the window. BRAVO to you Em. This is what I have wanted for 15 years, I cannot tell you how elated I feel.



Complaining about the word vulva

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gain-logoI presented at Vulval Awareness Day on Saturday. Em from 92.9 hosted and said she’s realised she’s been telling her daughters the incorrect terminology; vagina instead of vulva for the external genitalia. She said she was blown away by the information. (If only there were a thousand women there!)

Following that she went on air and spoke about the issue so that women can know the difference between the two.

Em told me the radio station had complaints about the use of the world ‘vulva’. Note: they use the word ‘penis’ all the time. Still a long way to go…